'Thanks so much for a great learning experience! Lots of long-held misconceptions were changed into good habits and I now have a far better understanding of how I can be healthy without feeling deprived'.

Sarah, Berkhamsted.

'I recently switched to a partially vegan diet (5 days a week) to reduce my intake of animal-sourced food. After a couple of months, I decided it was time to check if my new diet was balanced or if it might be deficient in nutrients. I asked Deborah for nutritional advice and she offered a one-off session for which I recorded my food intake for one week. We then had a video session to discuss her findings. The next day I promptly received a written summary of her findings, advice on how to integrate the deficits, recommendations for healthy food brands, and a recipe booklet. Deborah was extremely helpful and professional and I would strongly recommend her as a Nutritional Therapist'.

John, London.

'I first came to Deborah after experiencing a number of different symptoms that I couldn't make any sense out of as they all seemed so disconnected. After only one discussion, she was able to identify what the underlying problem was causing all the symptoms, which I was quite amazed (and relieved) by! From there, we discussed my personal goals, which were to lose weight, improve my digestion, and overcome skin problems. With Deb's guidance, my digestion improved and my skin cleared significantly, and I've lost 12lbs in weight, which I have managed to maintain. My journey is still far from over, but Deb has helped me and pointed me in the right direction so that I can hopefully overcome my health issues once and for all. I am very grateful for all her input and support over the last few months'.

Katie, Essex.

'I asked Deborah for help at a time when I was stuck in a rut of comfort eating and weight gain, which was making me feel unhappy, and leading to a cycle of more comfort eating in order to 'feel better'. Life was busy (and still is) and I was finding it hard to claw back any time for myself. Work and everyday life pressures had taken over and there was very little space left for me. I run a charitable enterprise and with a small team there is always a to-do list as long as my arm. When I did find a window of time for myself during the day, it was highly likely I'd spend at least some of it engaged in mental calculations as to whether or not I could justify eating a bar of chocolate! Deborah helped me remember how to 'pause'; and to bring a focus to my deeper intentions for eating and living healthily. We worked together for 8 weeks and from the outset I knew that this process was right for me. During the programme I lost weight, stopped the snacking, and began to address my work/life balance. I found the whole process fascinating - the PSYCH-K work was very helpful and on one or two occasions stunningly accurate! The PSYCH-K elements of Deborah's support were helpful to identify my barriers to moving forward fully with the eating regime. The dietary regime that Deborah gave me was easy to follow, understandable and it contained tasty recipes that were simple to make. I can't recommend Deborah highly enough. I say this as someone who started out being keen to do the diet but uncertain about the PSYCH-K; my health is much better for Deborah's intervention'.

Vicky, Essex

'Deborah to help me with weight and body confidence. We discovered blocks that were holding me back from achieving my goals of fitness and body confidence. She used PSYCH-K® to help me change my subconscious beliefs about myself and exercise. It was the reset I needed and it happened immediately. I now look forward to a yoga class or swimming rather than being 'too busy' to fit them in. I now run most mornings and really enjoy it. I just didn't allocate time to me before and didn't see such things as enjoyable. My attitude to exercise is the biggest change. It feels easy and enjoyable. I feel like a fit person rather than someone on the outside looking in. I warmly recommend Deborah to anyone that wants to change their lifestyle'.

Samantha, Reading.

'I contacted Deborah as I was experiencing a number of what I thought were unconnected symptoms, and hoped that improving my diet might help to lessen them. Deborah advised that my symptoms could in fact be related to one another.She explained the potential causes clearly and provided me with an easy to follow set of dietary and lifestyle guidelines to follow, taking into consideration my feedback to make it more sustainable, and within just a couple of weeks, my symptoms reduced massively. Deborah is incredibly knowledgeable and has helped me not just improve my diet in order to address my symptoms, but also to change my approach to diet and nutrition for the better. I understand more about the kinds of foods that are best for me personally and why. I also feel healthier, fitter and have more energy since making these changes'.

Amanda, Essex.

'Deborah made me feel very comfortable and relaxed during my session with her. She spent a great deal of time pinpointing areas that needed attention and resolution. I'm a busy mum and was feeling stressed and worn out. I found my session very helpful in making me more patient with the kids and able to cope with every day stress. I would thoroughly recommend Deborah to help with a range of issues as I found her session of great help'.

Stephanie, Essex.

'I enjoyed my session with Deborah immensely, the subconscious messages that came to the fore were very meaningful to me and it gives me something to work on in my everyday life. Having been given the chance to explore each message with Deborah, it has very much put things into perspective for me. It's made me realise what is important. The process itself is quite a phenomenon but Deborah delivers it in a very down to earth way. Not being much of a spiritual person myself, being more analytical, it helped me embrace the session rather than me being skeptical. She is very passionate and it comes across in the session, she is also extremely welcoming which made me feel very much at ease'. 

Louise, Essex.

'Thank you very much for today's PSYCH-K® session. I have really felt the benefit of it and feel an inner calmness. Thank you'.

Linda, Essex

'My first session of PSYCH-K® made me a little apprehensive as I didn't know what to expect. I did feel like some weight had lifted and, over the following weeks, I noticed a shift in my energy levels. I now feel more positive and motivated'.

Heidi 40, South West London

'I would recommend Deborah if you are serious about losing weight. Her nutritional support and guidance enabled me to lose over a stone! I am continuing to use Deborah's recommendations on a daily basis to reach my weight loss goal and feel I am reaping the benefits. During the consultation Deborah put me at ease and motivated me to make healthier diet and lifestyle choices, I am very grateful for her help'.

Vicky 43, Manchester

'I developed an allergy to my cat which became difficult to manage and seemed to get worse over time. I stopped stroking him and felt guilty for this. I had one PSYCH-K® session with Deborah and to my amazement I have not experienced any allergy symptoms since. This has continued to be the case for 8 months now. I'm not entirely sure how it worked but it has, my friendship with my cat is back and I couldn't be happier'.

Kelly 42, Essex

'If you are looking to learn more about nutrition and what works for you I definitely recommend Deborah. Before working with Deborah I was in a cycle of yo-yo dieting and drinking diet shakes, however I now know what whole foods to eat in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle along with supplements for my needs. Deborah has a wealth of knowledge about nutrition and was always there if I needed help and support. I really enjoyed the process and have managed to maintain a healthy lifestyle that works for me!'

Bindiya, Essex

'If you'd have told me to check in with my subconscious a couple of years ago, I'd have seriously laughed out loud. Holistically it makes perfect sense. Treating your body as a whole includes your mind. What your subconscious believes plays a real factor in chronic illness. How can you get better if deep down you don't really believe it? It was really interesting how, in many instances, what I was feeling and what my subconscious believed, were very different. Using this process we were able to reprogramme some limiting beliefs regarding my illness, allowing me to move forward on my road to healing'.

Sues 39, Eaton Bray

'After being diagnosed with IBS Deborah helped me manage my symptoms with nutritional advice and supplementation. Although the condition improved, my symptoms persisted to a lesser degree and thanks to Deborah's analysis and test recommendations this lead to my G.P diagnosing an underlying health condition that can now be addressed. I can't thank Deborah enough for her advice and persistence, it's such a relief to finally know what's going on'.

Pauline 63, Essex

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