Are you eating low-fat foods in an attempt to lose weight and burn fat? Do you believe that by cutting fat out of your diet you can reduce the fat stores inside your body? I’m afraid that’s not how it works. For years fat has been demonised to be bad for our health and has been considered the biggest contributor to weight gain. It’s completely understandable if you think by cutting out fat you can achieve the figure you desire. It has been drummed into us for years.

Numerous flaws in the ‘science’ that supported the low-fat diet have since been uncovered and huge amounts of evidence supporting the contrary had previously, been overlooked. You can’t sell low-fat products without ensuring your customers believe they work! All the while sugar has been the secret enemy. After 50 years of false information no wonder this belief is still deeply ingrained in the minds of a lot of people trying to get back into shape.

The truth is, low-fat foods are not your friend if you are trying to lose weight, burn fat, or if you want to maintain your weight. Healthy fats don’t make you fat unless they are eaten with sugar and other simple carbohydrates. Don’t be afraid of healthy fat. Low-fat foods are usually packed full of sugar, sugar that is easily converted to fat and stored inside the body. Your body can only handle so much carbohydrate and sugar in one go and when there’s too much to burn off as energy, the hormone insulin instructs your body to store it as fat. Not only that, these sweeter products increase cravings for sugar, they increase hunger and therefore make you want to eat even more!

Have you checked the labels of your low-fat or even just your ‘regular’ products? Sugar content should be no more than 5g per 100g or 5ml per 100ml, otherwise I recommend you ditch it! You are seriously hampering your weight loss efforts if you don’t. If you are going to choose packaged foods, full fat is the way to go but do still check the sugar content of full-fat products. The higher the protein and fat content, the more likely your hunger will be locked up for longer. Just remember high sugar and fat together are a combo to avoid.

The truth is, healthy fats are an important part of any eating regime, and when eaten in the right macronutrient (carb/protein/fat) combinations, healthy fats are super powerful in helping you to lose weight and burn fat from the body. We need healthy fats to function. Healthy fats can reduce inflammation inside the body (inflammation can increase appetite), keep our ‘bad’ cholesterol in check, boost brain function, help us to absorb the fat soluble nutrients A, D, E and K, contribute to blood sugar balance, and, they are the building blocks of a number of our hormones. If your hormones are out of balance you crave more chocolate or sweet stuff and make poor food choices. If your hormones are out of balance, it’s a lot harder for you to slim down because this will affect your ability to burn fat – hello stubborn belly fat.

The great thing about eating healthy fats are, they increase satiety. Healthy fats make us feel full which stops us from craving sugar and eating rubbish. Most importantly, we can use fat as a fuel source. Once we train our bodies to burn fat efficiently, we tap into the stored fat inside the body – hello fabulous figure! Remember, don’t eat healthy fats with simple carbs or sugar, or with very little at the least. Always eat them with a protein source and complex carbs if you need to up your carb intake.

So to summarise, for packaged products, choose full-fat over low-fat but always check the label for carbohydrate/sugar content and, eat more healthy fat sources in general never on their own, with protein. Healthy fats include avocado, oily fish, nuts, seeds, butter, and meat from grass-fed cows, coconut, avocado, and extra virgin olive oil.

The truth about low-fat foods

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