As everyone is more than aware, the coronavirus is upon us and in days we expect the number of cases to increase dramatically in the UK. Large public events have been cancelled, companies are implementing working from home or from alternative locations, social distancing and self-isolation have been recommended to protect the most vulnerable. These are testing times for everyone on the planet. In the UK we need to slow the virus down as much as possible to ensure the healthcare system can cope. Just because it may not be as dangerous to those that are younger and healthy, it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure they do not spread it to the vulnerable and if that means not going out to see friends and have fun – so be it. It really is not that much of a  hardship. I’d rather know I did everything I could to reduce the virus spreading. Aside from the obvious hygiene recommendations and social restrictions, what can we do to stay resilient during these tough times?

From a nutritional therapist standpoint, ensuring your immune system has all the support it needs is vitally important. Eating a varied diet that consists of oily fish, lots of vegetables, some fruit, poultry, grass-fed beef, organic, free-range eggs, healthy fats, nuts, and seeds is key. Forget the processed junk foods, and of course, sugar, viruses are known to love sugar. In fact some studies recommend cutting the carbs and increasing healthy fats. Key supplements for immune support are vitamin C (at least 1000mg per day) vitamin D3 (always take with vitamin K2), zinc, black elderberry, and selenium. If you’re taking vitamin D also ensure you are taking magnesium because these need each other for absorption.

Probiotic supplements help to support the gut, and where is a large part of the immune system located? Yes, that’s right, in your gut. It can take a while for these little fellas to build up and not all supplements are created equal, some will not withstand the hydrochloric acid of the stomach so get advice on the best supplements to take. If you’re not keen on taking a supplement you could try probiotic yogurts, kombucha (watch the sugar content) or kefir drinks or you can make your own sauerkraut (pickled vegetables) in a jar at home to build up your healthy gut bacteria. It’s also important to feed those little fellas the foods they love, prebiotic foods, such as garlic, onion, banana, leek, Jerusalem artichoke, asparagus, porridge oats, root vegetables, cabbage, organic apples, oat/wheat, and rice bran. Let’s hope the panic-buyers calm down so some of these foods are more readily available!

If you grow your own organic broccoli sprouts in a jar at home (super easy!) then you have a fresh, consistent source of glutathione, the master antioxidant that you can add to salads, soups, and smoothies. Glutathione is sure to give your body a powerful boost. Now I’m not saying all this will prevent you from catching the virus but it gives your immune system the vital nutritional support it needs. In these testing times, fear and anxiety over-activate the stress response and make us burn through the nutrients in food and supplements at great speed. Nutrients we need for a healthy immune system. This situation certainly emphasizes just how important our health is.

The media is spreading a lot of fear, worry, and negativity around right now. It’s hard to avoid because everyone feels they need to stay up-to-date with the status of this situation. All sorts of information is flying around on the internet and it is hard to know what to believe and what not to believe. This uncertainty can make it easy to think the worst. Fear spreads much faster than the virus itself! Already people are behaving irrationally by stockpiling food and toilet rolls! What about the elderly population that doesn’t get a look in?!

Fear makes us anxious and stressed and continuous stress is no good for anyone. The first thing ongoing stress does is suppress the immune system. Yes that’s right, I’ll say it again. It suppresses your immune system. The more you trigger your stress response, the weaker your immune system will become. Not only that, the thoughts and feelings we put out are forms of energy, this energy attracts the same back to us that’s why it’s important to not forget to also focus on being positive and grateful for what we do have. Consistently checking the news will do you no good. Medical experts have confirmed that the coronavirus pandemic will be more of a marathon than a sprint that could last more than a few months so we need to stop panicking, keep calm and adapt to this situation now.

We’re already a society whose lives can be pretty stressful to say the least, add in the coronavirus situation and it just amplifies the effect. It’s so important that you take time away from the media scare stories and do something relaxing, video call family and friends, read a book, listen to music, watch a funny movie, meditate, do some yoga, practice heart coherence and go for a walk or jog (just remember social-distancing – it does not mean you cannot go outside). It helps to have conversations about fun, exciting and interesting stuff, about how we can make things better, and avoid the negative. The more calm and collected we are, the more we can think clearly, the better our decisions and reactions are and the better we sleep. There are vulnerable people that need help and support out there and what use are we if we’re all running around like headless chickens ourselves?!

If you are really worried and stressed out about the situation and are struggling to think in a positive way, a fast, effective belief system reset can help you to reduce the stress associated with the coronavirus. The PSYCH-K® process can help you to override any deep-rooted life-limiting beliefs buried in your subconscious related to the way you think about your health, your life and the health and wellbeing of your loved ones so that you can handle the upcoming challenges you might face. Not sure about the process? Try a 15 minute stress reduction session for free.

Don’t let fear control you. It could have more of a damaging impact than the virus itself.

For a 40 minute Beat Fear & Stress online session, contact me here, I’d be happy to help.

The PSYCH-K® process is strictly limited to the modification of beliefs. The PSYCH-K® process is not designed to diagnose medical problems, nor is it a replacement for medical attention or professional mental healthcare.



An important message about the coronavirus

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