Who could benefit from Nutritional Therapy?

Those who want to boost/improve their brain health and vitality, those with specific health issues, those with a diagnosed medical condition quite often on medication.

How long will it take to start feeling better?

Nutritional Therapists aim to help you feel better and take control of your diet and health in as few consultations as possible. Some people with straightforward issues can be seen 2 or 3 times; other more complex cases could take longer, up to 5 or 6 visits. Some like to return once a year to ensure they stay on track.

Will I have to undergo tests?

Nutritional Therapists will provide as much support as possible through healthy diet and lifestyle choices, sometimes along with supplements, to see if this is sufficient for your needs. Testing is then introduced if further investigation is required to help pinpoint the underlying cause. The testing process is comprehensively explained alongside what the results can and can’t tell us. It is then down to your discretion.

Will I have to take supplements?

Food alone can have a powerful effect but sometimes deficiencies require supplementation because it is difficult to get the nutrients required from food. The Nutritional Therapist will advise of course, dosage, cost and potential side effects so you can decide if supplementation is for you

Can I come for just one consultation?

You can but it is not recommended. It is important you check in with your NT for at least another consultation to ensure the plan is appropriate for you and supports your needs. It often takes more than one month to see changes and it is quite difficult to make all the changes necessary in that a time frame.

How many times should I expect to see you?

It all depends on your health issues, your goals and how you take to the plan. Some only require 2-3 consultations, whilst others 5-6.

What if I don’t have a specific health condition but instead want to focus on improving my diet and lifestyle?

That’s great to hear! No one has the perfect diet and lifestyle so there is always room for improvement. Everyone is different and what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for the other so tailoring a plan specifically for you can help you reach your goals.

I want to improve my health but I’m a fussy eater and not ready to make changes will nutritional therapy work for me?

The biggest obstacle to overcome when applying diet, lifestyle and environmental adjustments is changing eating habits and trying new foods. If you know deep down you are not ready to put the effort in, or that your life is too busy right now to apply your recommendations then you probably aren’t in the right place and the process will be a waste of time and money. You need to be honest with yourself. It really depends how important it is to you to be healthy again. If you have the time or can make the time but doubt your ability, do get in touch for a free discovery call because Psych-k may be able to help you with the challenges you face.

Isn’t it quicker for me to go to see my doctor with my symptoms?

Nutritional therapy is a complementary approach to health, so should never replace conventional medicine or advice from your doctor. You should always see a doctor with any symptoms or conditions that you are concerned about to rule out any dangerous or life-threatening illnesses.
However there is a lot of scientific evidence to show how nutritional changes can improve a wide variety of symptoms and unfortunately most GPs are not trained in nutritional therapy and do not have the time to be trained.

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