If you’re spending a lot of time at home alone due to the WFH/lockdown restrictions, this can be even more of a challenge.

Eating when you are bored but not hungry is a form of emotional eating. You are eating to compensate for the way you feel. Eating food may use up some time but it isn’t the answer, it’s a short-lived ‘activity’ that is likely to make you feel regretful afterwards.

If you do eat for boredom, until you train yourself not to, why not eat a healthier snack such as crudites and humus or a smoothie? Perhaps these are not appealing.

Ask yourself if this, is it more about eating for reward or something else? Perhaps you are eating for other reasons? Safety, security, fear of food shortage, protection, comfort, to self-medicate, to self-sabotage, to belong or as a substitute for love?

When we experience certain emotions our neurotransmitter levels change. The need to feel better can make you crave more processed/ junk/sugary foods.

So what can you do? Keep your own personal food diary, noting how you feel and what you eat and drink and when. Be honest with yourself if you’re eating for hunger or for other reasons. This will make you more conscious and aware of your behavioural patterns around food.

Asterix the naughty foods in your food diary and think about what healthier alternatives you could eat instead. Build a structured shopping list and replace the naughty stuff with the healthier alternatives. If you don’t have it in the cupboard you can’t eat it.

Note down in your food diary how you are feeling when you overeat or eat when you’re not hungry. What kind of day have you had? Who/what have you interacted with? (even if only online). Did you get a good night’s sleep? Ask yourself why you’re doing it. What is it you really need? This is a very personal process of self-analysis.

A useful book that might help you if you want to take action now is ‘Winning at Weight Loss’ by the Speakmans. The book encourages you to answer lots of questions about yourself that help you to understand yourself better and why you do what you do, with suggestions on how to manage your eating habits for health and weight loss.

Emotional eating stems from limiting belief systems created by life experiences and conditioning. These belief systems create your thoughts, emotions and behaviour. An alternative is to change your beliefs at the subconscious level through hypnotherapy or PSYCH-K®. PSYCH-K® is an energy balancing process where you can change your beliefs (as you choose) without revisiting the experiences that created them. Do get in touch if you’d like more information.

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Are you eating out of boredom or something else?
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