Do you associate being healthy or losing weight with a diet?

The word ‘diet’ instantly suggests that it is a temporary approach. You follow the diet for a set period of time and then you stop. By dieting and then returning to old eating habits or, trying another diet (often fads), can actually make it harder to lose weight in the long run. This is because diets that limit calories and fat in particular can trick the body into thinking it is starving so it stores fat.

Diets can confuse your metabolism and slow it down. The dieting mindset is often a trigger for overeating and it can play havoc with psychological and emotional health. There is no safe and healthy ‘quick fix’ to losing weight. Small, baby steps, building habits gradually, so they become part of your eating regime and lifestyle, part of your daily routine are what works. This approach can help you to manage your weight effectively on an ongoing basis.

Yes it takes some time but it takes time to put weight on in the first place. This is the healthier process for long-lasting change. It’s easy to put too much pressure on ourselves for things to move too quickly. In today’s world of convenience it’s easy to want it right now but quick fixes tend to end in long-lasting issues. Choose quality over quantity for healthy, safe, longer lasting results.

Breaking bad habits and creating new ones takes time but habits are the key to success. If you want to start a new healthy habit to work towards your weight loss goals try piggy-backing it onto another. Do whatever it is straight after an already established habit. Stick to it, be persistent and you can change your life! If you forget one day it’s ok. It can range from weeks to months to truly ingrain a habit into your routine. If you need some pointers – do get in touch and please DITCH that diet mentality!

Don’t ‘diet’ to lose weight

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