Do you binge-eat due to fear of deprivation? Have you binge-eaten before or do you binge-eat regularly? Binge-eating can certainly make it difficult to manage your weight and there’s a number of reasons why people do it. It’s usually the consequence of unresolved emotional issues.

Today I’m talking about how certain experiences in the past can make us form subconscious beliefs that then turn into mindless, habitual binge-eating.

We are all a product of our environment, our individual life learnings, and our experiences. Bingeing can be a symptom of an underlying belief. Some may have experienced a feeling of famine learned from childhood where food was scarce so they often had to go without which elevates the status of sweet or ‘treat’ foods. Others competed for treats with their siblings which encouraged ‘greed’ behaviour. Some were the eldest and missed out on treats when they got home, their siblings had eaten all/most of them. Others had parents that just didn’t allow treats at all, again making them more desirable.

Perhaps you’ve been a dieter most of your life and you still have that diet mentality where you see a diet as a temporary reduction in eating so you binge to stock up on naughty treats before you start the next one. Perhaps you fear a shortage of food in the shops like there was not so long ago at the beginning of lockdown, so you stock up on supplies and then feel guilty (wasting food – brought up not to waste food and clear your plate – more beliefs) if you don’t eat it all before it goes past it best before date.

These are all experiences that create a deep-rooted belief about the availability of food in the subconscious mind – I better eat as much as possible now because I don’t know when I’ll be able to eat it again. These kinds of beliefs make it easy for binge-eating to become a mindless habit. You might become a habitual binge-eater because deep down you believe you don’t have a sense of control.

The questions to ask yourself are, why were the treats scarce? Who was in control of the treats/food? Is it the same situation now? Probably not. Why do you see changes in what you eat as a diet and not an eating regime that you continue and build on going forward? Who’s in control now? YOU!

So if you know you can buy and eat these ‘treats’ whenever you like, do you need to eat (and buy!) so many in one go? It might be worth asking yourself and digging a bit deeper. These underlying beliefs are of course not the root cause for everyone but they’re certainly worth thinking about. Beliefs like this can be replaced by life-enhancing beliefs of your choice using a process known as PSYCH-K.

Or ask yourself what you want instead and turn it into a life-enhancing goal statement that replaces your limiting belief. For example: ‘there are always plenty of tasty treats available to me’ or ‘I have all the food I need’. Once you believe this (it can take time with repeating affirmations, saying it out loud raises the level of awareness and makes it a conscious act, journalling about it can also help) you never know, you might find managing your weight becomes somewhat easier! Our mind and our beliefs are so powerful when it comes to making changes in our lives.

Beliefs behind binge-eating

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