How can nutritional therapy and lifestyle adjustments help you?

To support your journey towards feeling happy and healthy again, or to support optimal performance for a demanding lifestyle, the therapy process removes the things from your diet and environment that may be negatively affecting your health and well being, adds supporting foods and supplements (optional) and recommends activities and exercises that promote health and that feel good factor we are all in search of. To dig deeper, testing can assess hormone and neurotransmitter levels, food intolerances, genetic mutations, detoxification efficiency, gut bacterial balance and nutrient levels in the blood, all of which can have a strong impact on how you feel and how you perform.

Most underlying health issues stem from the gut and/or the spine, even if symptoms are more prominent in the brain for example. Many symptoms are connected in some way and have an element of inflammation associated with them. That’s why taking medication, often with side effects, that addresses the symptom and not the root cause, does not work in the long term. The most important thing to understand is that each and every one of us is different and what works for one doesn’t always work for another. That’s why a nutrition and lifestyle regime tailored to the individual has shown to have the most impact. We cannot apply a ‘one size fits all’ dietary approach.

As a Registered Nutritional Therapist I am trained to understand how the body systems work and how they are connected so when I analyse a set of symptoms I know where and how to investigate. I make conclusions based on the latest scientific evidence AND my own experience with clients - what has worked for them in the past, taking into account all individualities. I am there to listen, not judge, and to provide the support my clients need to help them reach their diet and lifestyle goals.

My nutritional therapy practice follows the principles of Functional Medicine to get to the root cause of your health issues. Functional Medicine addresses the person as a whole and not just a set of symptoms and identifies the underlying causes of disease using a body systems-oriented approach. This approach investigates lifestyle, case history, environment and diet to support optimal health.

What is expected from you?

How important is it for you to be well again? Do you want, or are you ready to make changes? Before you request a consultation think about how you will fit changes into your daily life and what you are willing to change and what might be a bit more difficult for you.

Twenty years of working in the corporate world means I do understand the challenge it can be implementing a dietary and lifestyle programme in or around a hectic, fast-paced work environment. I can help you with tips and ideas to fit a lifestyle regime in but ultimately it’s up to you to work with it. Your health is your responsibility and your actions decide if you will get the most out of your nutritional therapy consultations. I’m here to listen and guide you on your health journey.

If you are concerned that making changes may be difficult, perhaps you are experiencing stress which may interfere with your programme, or you may not require nutritional therapy advice but you’ve hit a roadblock when trying to change bad habits or achieve your life goals, Psych-K® could help you. For more information read here.

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